by Vincent Schouberechts

by the A.I.E.P. President by Thomas Matha

A Few Words From the Publisher  
by Claes Arnrup

Obituary: Knud Mohr
by Claes Arnrup

"Parisienne" Forgery of Poland No.1
by Bogdan Pelc

Keeping One Step Ahead of the Fakers
by Kenneth W. Pugh

Fake and forged Crown covers of the Portuguese Colonies
by Luis Frazao, RDP, AEP

How to determine the resolution of an optical scanner by Johannes Hoffner
The Swedish 4 Skilling Banco "Prussian Blue" stamp, route of ph instability due to fading

by Dr. Udo Grog

Belgium: The Discovery of Forged Overprints on the Key Pre-War Sets
by Vincent Schouberechts, FRPSL, AIJP

Holy Land fakes and forgeries -recent new findings by Yacov Tsachor & Zvi Aloni How science comes to the rescue of philately ...
by Vincent Schouberechts, FRPSL, AIJP

Luxembourg: After-War Cancellation Forgeries by Lars Boettger, BPP, AIJP
A Dangerous New Zealand Chalon Forgery, Revisited

by Robert P. Odenweller, RDP, Hon. FRPSL

On the Russian civil aviation issue 1933 forgeries by Jouni Takalo
The Carlist Fakes, Moens and Placido Ramon de Torres Tracing a Forger's footprints

by Gerhard Lang-Valchs

Placido Ramon de Torres and his Forgeries
by Eduardo Escalada-Goicoechea, FRPSL

Stamps of Great Britain Overprinted for use in Cyprus
by Jack Forbes, FRPSL

The U.S. 1930 $2.60 Graf Zeppelin Counterfeits
by John M. Hotchner, RDP, FRPSL

Forges Overprints on Belgian Congo Stamps: somenew Discoveries...
by Luc Vander Marcken