Articles in FFE #20

by Vincent Schouberechts

Foreword by the A.I.E.P. President
by Thomas Mathà   

A Few Words From the Publisher
by Claes Arnrup
Paolo Vollmeier (1929-2017) a Giant in the World of Postal History 
has left us

by Vincent Schouberechts    

FFE Top Eleven Authors

by Claes Arnrup
St. Pierre & Miquelon - the 1891 ’non-émis’ trial. 
The Overprints on the 1f imperforate Sage stamp

by James R. Taylor, FRPSC, FRPSL 
Postage Stamp Forgeries in the Federal Republic of Germany

by Hans-Dieter Schlegel, BPP

Luxembourg’s first Pre-cancelled Stamp in 1900 
Le premier timbre préoblitéré du Luxembourg de 1900

by Olivier Nosbaum 

The False and the Genuine in Zemstvo Philately
by Vitaliy Katsman and Bernard Furnon

Letters from Corfu carried by the Austrian Lloyd to Trieste
by Mario Mentaschi 

Luxembourg 1923: Souvenir Sheet No. 1
by Lars Boettger, BPP, AIJP 

Surcharges and Overprints - Les Surcharges
by/par Jean-François Brun, RDP
The Unissued Crown Stamps of Macao

by Luis Frazão, RDP, FRPSL

Fürstenfeld: Ein ”neuer“ österreichischer Stempel aus dem 
18. Jahrhundert
A ”new” Austrian Handstamp from the 18th Century

by/durch Gerald Heschl

The Liannos Local Post: Post Delivery
by Hany Salam, RDP

Colours of Swedish Skilling Banco Stamps: 
an X -ray Spectroscopy based Study
The Eight Skilling Banco of 1857

by Dr. Udo Groß 

El primer Sello Falso Postal del Mundo
The World’s First Forged Postage Stamp

by/par Eduardo Escalada-Goicoechea, FRPSL

New Zealand: A Forged Separation Variety
by Robert P. Odenweller, RDP, Hon. FRPSL

Artist Muse or Deceptive Forgeries?
by Ken Pugh

Contrefaçons récentes des États-Unis d’Amérique
Recent Counterfeits from The United States of America

par/by Richard Gratton, FRPSC

Contrefaçons récentes du Brésil - Recent Counterfeits of Brazil
by Richard Gratton, FRPSC et/and Marcos Boaventura    105
The 1975 13c Liberty Bell Postal Counterfeit – Organized Crime 
Goes For The Easy Money

by John M. Hotchner, RDP

Etat Indépendant du Congo : 10 centimes bleu - Faux centre renversé
The Independent State of the Congo: 10 centimes blue with forged 
inverted centre

par/by Luc Vander Marcken

A French Resistance Pétain Counterfeit on a Tourist Card
by Jouni Takalo